God Bless Us Every One

In browsing other blogs online, I stumbled onto a company called Warby Parker, a eyewear company that has a great concept: Get One, Give One.

For every pair of frames (lenses included), Warby Parker will donate a pair to a person in need. If you're a fan of TOMS, you'll know this idea.

So, not only does this company give, but they do so at a great price: $95 for frames AND lenses! They do this by not licensing big name brand names to attach to the frames, which saves on the bottom line. My current glasses are Nine West, which I didn't realize had nothing to do with the shoe line! I bought them because I liked the style, but could care less about the name on the side!

My prescription has changed within the last year, so I didn't see any reason not to try this company out. 

The way they work is, you browse online through their different styles (and there are recommendations based on face shape). You can then upload a photo to virtually try on, or you can request that up to 5 pair be sent to you for free. You then have 5 days to try on, and then ship them back in the pre-paid box. 

Seemed like a pretty good deal to me!

I guess I was in a "tortoiseshell" kind of mood, because all five frames I picked are those!

(I'll be honest, I just wanted to try the big geek glasses. I would never buy this pair!)

I probably should have fixed my hair for these. Or worn makeup. Or been Natalie Portman. But I decided to get....FINN! I'm excited to pay less than half what my old Nine West frames were, and know that I'm helping someone in need at the same time!
I wore them all day Friday and was highly impressed the quality and weight of all the frames, and the girls in my office had quite a fun time trying on all the different styles, too. 

(I haven't been compensated in any way for this post. Warby Parker isn't a sponsor of mine. I just think that they're cool.)


  1. Ooo! I definitely like the new glasses. I'll have to check out that company next time I have to buy glasses.

  2. Good choice. I like the Finn as well as the caitlin on you.


  3. I already love Warby Parker for there free at home try-ons, but didn't know about how they gave to the less fortunate. Love them even more.

  4. Sounds like a great company! I love the Finn on you :)
    It was so great to meet you!


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