Happy Holidays

Elves came to visit my home last night:

My naked nutcracker, inspired by West Elm. (Mine was $1.50, though!)

The chief elf. Cute, right?

This wreath was inspired by this one. I'll post the tutorial tomorrow!

I loved the color combo of deep turquoise and red. 

The kitchen table. Votives and tablecloth from Target.  

Where do you hang stockings when there's no chimney? And how will Santa get in the house???


No Day but Today

I'm just going to say, there's just never a good day to re-start blogging. Every day that I've woken up and thought "today! today is the day!" has not, for some reason, worked out. And those reasons have ranged from food poisoning to not being able to fit in my pants to rainy weather.


I'm just going to blog anyway.



And I love love love it. Which is totally surprising, because it's not at all a style I dog-eared in a magazine. It was the sixth dress I tried on, and when I saw it, I teared up.

(I don't think I've ever cried while trying on clothes, except for that one time I tried on khakis in the Gap and wished that I just had a normal "white girl pancake" butt so they looked "right". This was before any Kardashian graced the cover of an US Weekly.)

For obvious reasons, I'm not posting my dress here, but I will after the wedding.
But now, I'm posting this. And begging your help.

I bought this dress today for my engagement party, which is Saturday. But I have no idea how to style it. So you get to help! Go here to Polyvore and style a set, then post your link to it in the comments below. Winner gets eleventy billion points. GO!



Thank you for visiting my blog! So excited to have you here!

You may have followed my previous blog, "90 Days Without Shopping" and if so, thanks for moving with me!

In the short span that I did blog, I found it to be a great creative outlet, but found the format somewhat limiting. I wanted to be able to post on home decor, DIY, cooking and wedding things, too!

So, keep those peepers peeled. All new content coming soon!