Yesterday, both Bear and I had unexpectedly great days at work. Things came together on a big project and made a previously unreachable seeming goal much more achievable. Bear also had some great moments. We decided a spontaneous date night was in order, so we went out to a local spot with live music. 

The other great thing was that I finally got to go to the chiropractor, so my back is doing much better. I think that showed in my sartorial choice---bright and girlie again instead of the dark neutrals of last week. 

earrings: Target
dress: Anthropologie, via eBay
belt: Target
shoes: Lulu's (bought with giftcard won at TXSCC)

And heels of course. 



I had lunch with a friend today and she told me about dressing "high church", which would be lots of jewelry, a dress, heels, maybe a hat. 

I told her this outfit would be "low church". Jorts make anything casual. 

sunglasses: Target
top: Gap Body
jorts: J. Crew
gladiators: Steve Madden



This dress was almost a return, but the husband made a good case for keeping it. I'm excited to pair it with boots this fall. Meanwhile, I'm worried I might not make it back to heels for New York Fashion Week.

Yes, my back is still acting up. Or out. I've apologized for all the slouching, but it's having none of it. 

dress: J. Crew
belt: Target
bag: H&M
shoes: Target
bracelet: Forever 21

Hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe.



The past 24 hours haven't been the greatest. I have done something to my back that has resulted in severe back pain radiating down my left side. The good news is, the chiropractor can see me Monday. The bad news is, that's four days from now. 

Since I'll be re-cooperating from my couch this weekend, I decided to fix some blog kinks and upload Disqus for commenting. It's still not functioning fully perfectly. From what I can tell, you can see the Disqus comments on the individual posts, but not from the main page. Just wanted to let you know that I'm aware of it. Please pardon the dust. 

t-shirt: Target
skirt: J. Crew
oxfords: Steve Madden

Honestly, this isn't the greatest manicure I've ever done, but I wanted to show the color. Essie describes it as "a striking deep gray-green" but on me, it looked much more gray, verging on black. 



Silk top: Thrifted, Savers
Skirt: Thrifted, Salvation Army
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Thrifted, Buffalo Exchange

Confession: I feel weird in front of the camera. 

"Just do what all the other bloggers do," Bear said.

So I did this. Head down, turned to the side, holding my arm. 

And then things *really* started to get weird. 

animator gif

We'll have to keeping working on it. 

Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Do you have go-to poses?



Husband Bear had a meeting last night, and so wasn't able to take photos until this morning. 

"When do I need to get up?" he asked.

"Well, the Golden hour ends at 7:04 a.m." I said.

Combine fury with resignedness and that was the look I got in reply. He did however, tell me this morning I looked good before he had even gotten out of bed. Or opened his eyes. 

top: Anthro
jeans: Gap
shoes: Target
bracelets: Target, F21

He's now safely back in bed. His schedule changes starting tomorrow, and instead of going to work at 10, he'll be starting his work day at 7:30. 

We can do this every day. 



A studded tee and flats cancels out that silk floral skirt, right? Because I'm totally working the "tough" pose here. In fact, I wore this to ride the Harley and raise some total heck. Or I went to church. 

tee: Target
skirt: Anthropologie via thrift
flats: Target

 I am clearly comfortable with posing here. Although in my defense, this was right after I noticed our neighbors outside watching me pose. I couldn't help but feel awkward. 

Shoulder studs detail. 
I work in our church nursery in the 18 month class, and one of the little boys was totally enthralled with these sparkly studs on my shoulders. They were almost as big a hit as blowing bubbles. 



Have you ever regretted NOT buying a clothing item? I rarely do, but this pair of shoes has been my white whale. I remember seeing them at Target when they were for sale and passing them by for another CV pair--which I also like---and then seeing them again on sale for half price and again not purchasing because my clothing budget for the month was shot. 

And then everyone and their dog in bloggy land bought these shoes. And they taunted me. I would put together outfits in my head and know these shoes would make it perfect, but then remember, "Oh, yeah, I probably bought a magazine instead. Stupid decision!"

I mean, look at them. Hello gorgeous.

(Pretend that carpet is vacuumed.)

I've been searching for these shoes for long time, finally finding them on ebay for the original price. And this week, they arrived!

And I realized something. I am *that* woman. The one who will think about a lost pair of shoes for a year and a half like a lost love. And then dance around my living room like a total idiot when they finally arrive. 

 striped tee: thrifted
skirt: j. crew
shoes: cynthia vincent for target
watch: forever 21
bracelet: target

 My handsome assistant, Topher. 



So, I'm in a bit of a blogging funk. It's darn hot out and that's generally slowing all sense of ambition down to a level of -2 anyway. Plus, who can possibly cook now? I'm running out of ideas that don't require the stove or oven.

Also contributing is that I recently found a food blog called "Becoming Lola" that's doing anything I'm doing here WAY better. (I won't even go into the S&M "model" who goes by Lola Darling whose Facebook states "Yes, I am a witch." If you came here looking for her...um...sorry.)

All to say, I'm wondering if a name change is in order. It's nothing I would do today, as I'd like to see the funk lift a bit before I make any decisions, but that's just what I'm pondering.