Let Yourself Go

Dec 5 Prompt: Let Go. 
What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?
I think this year was the year of letting go. I realized, in many ways, that I’m a control-a-holic and now am hoping for a full recovery. This year, I also let go (or am learning to let go of)
  • Caring so much about what other people think
  • The place I called “home” for 30 years
  • Friends who are really acquaintances (in this era of facebook, my measurement is simple: do I know when your birthday is off the top of my head? If the answer is yes, we’re probably true friends)
  • The idea that a large, regular paycheck equals security
  • A church family that was wonderful but no longer a place I needed to be
  • Fearing conflict
  • The need to take offense on my own behalf 

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