Let Yourself Go

You readers may be wondering how I can call this a fashion blog, if I never show you my outfits. Well, really, this is a "I-lost-my-camera-card" blog. But it's been found and I'll show you Days 1 & 2 from Dressember soon. Promise. Meanwhile, you can visit the Flickr page of all the other lovely ladies participating here.

Now for the daily reverb.
Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing -- and can you eliminate it?
My immediate thought is that I overthink and worry about reader responses. But I think it's really insecurity. Mostly with the "fashion" blogging, I see other writers and think what I wore that day isn't anything to get excited about or worth blogging. I worry about my unfixed hair, the inevitable run in my tights, the fact that I gained 10 pounds this fall being incredibly evident. On a good day, I can find a dozen flaws. 
[Update] I just realized I didn't answer the last part of the question. Can I eliminate self-criticism? No. Should I ignore it? I think not, since these things do result in a well-written blog post. But I think, sometimes, in spite of any anxiety I feel, I should just say "Eff that" and write it anyway. The only way to get better, to feel confident, is to keep writing. 

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