And now for something completely different...

Oh hey look! Content.

This past weekend, Kara and I headed down to Austin for the Texas Style Council Conference.  

I had a blast. 

Also, I learned a lot. 

1. Fashion bloggers are TALL. I wore flats to a party after my feet couldn't take any more, and I look like tiny in pictures. I guess I never realized that. I always thought Jentine was my height! 

2. Technology is not what blogging should rely upon. Certain things, like work ethic, personableness and good relationship skills never go out of style. 

Jennine of The Coveted gave the keynote speech.

3. Kendi is really incredibly gracious. I may or may not have stalked her during the conference. She still talked to me like I was a normal non-stalkery person. (And said my hair was cute!)

4. Even "big name" bloggers struggle with what to write and have bad days. Notice: even sitting, they're tall! And all were so sweet. 

(Jen of jenloveskev, Indiana of Adored Austin, James of Bleubird Vintage)

In addition to what I learned, I made lots of new bloggy friends. They were such an encouragement!

Krista was our entertainment and local guide for the weekend. She doesn't have a blog yet, but tweet her and tell her she should! 

I also got to meet Tanvii. She's incredibly beautiful! Like an Indian Penelope Cruz. 

I also got a photo with Haute Muslimah, but won't post it here, because she doesn't show her face on her blog. But she's amazingly beautiful, too!

Kara and I spent most of the weekend with the lovely Jess of Hello Wife! She's adorable, too. Kara and I are totally adopting her. We should probably tell her that. (Jess, how did I NOT get a photo with you?)

Other great women I met were, Linda of Rose a la Mode and Kelsey of Snappy Casual. I'm hoping Bear doesn't ever read their blogs. Then he will think we need a budget. 

And of course, had to get some souvenirs! These dino planters are from Plaid Pigeon. I bought one for Bear, knowing that I'd love to have it on our kitchen table. 

Kara and I also got some great stuff at the swap and at Buffalo Exchange. I got a skirt and some killer heels. Outfit post coming soon!


  1. Oh noes! The only photo I got of us was one where we all have crazy eyes, so I won't post it! But the Nathan Russell Photos turned out pretty good. I think I'm going to give myself a budget, but I definitely wouldn't let the hubby get wind of it!

  2. Gah! You're so cute, I loved meeting you!


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