A studded tee and flats cancels out that silk floral skirt, right? Because I'm totally working the "tough" pose here. In fact, I wore this to ride the Harley and raise some total heck. Or I went to church. 

tee: Target
skirt: Anthropologie via thrift
flats: Target

 I am clearly comfortable with posing here. Although in my defense, this was right after I noticed our neighbors outside watching me pose. I couldn't help but feel awkward. 

Shoulder studs detail. 
I work in our church nursery in the 18 month class, and one of the little boys was totally enthralled with these sparkly studs on my shoulders. They were almost as big a hit as blowing bubbles. 


  1. YEAH for outfit posts!! LOVE.

  2. Love! I like the mix of femme and manly, makes you seem tough :)

  3. I work with the 18 month olds in our church, too. :)

    Love the outfit!


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