Have you ever regretted NOT buying a clothing item? I rarely do, but this pair of shoes has been my white whale. I remember seeing them at Target when they were for sale and passing them by for another CV pair--which I also like---and then seeing them again on sale for half price and again not purchasing because my clothing budget for the month was shot. 

And then everyone and their dog in bloggy land bought these shoes. And they taunted me. I would put together outfits in my head and know these shoes would make it perfect, but then remember, "Oh, yeah, I probably bought a magazine instead. Stupid decision!"

I mean, look at them. Hello gorgeous.

(Pretend that carpet is vacuumed.)

I've been searching for these shoes for long time, finally finding them on ebay for the original price. And this week, they arrived!

And I realized something. I am *that* woman. The one who will think about a lost pair of shoes for a year and a half like a lost love. And then dance around my living room like a total idiot when they finally arrive. 

 striped tee: thrifted
skirt: j. crew
shoes: cynthia vincent for target
watch: forever 21
bracelet: target

 My handsome assistant, Topher. 


  1. Love! I've often found myself totally obsessed with a lost item of clothing. Case in point: the year I spent parading around in my split-in-the-crotch-area Diesel jeans I spent $400 on, only to have the cut removed from Diesel stores. Le sigh.

  2. LOVE LOVE! I dance when I get something awesome. I don't dance about my Dorothy's, but I'm pretty proud of them!! LOVE the outfit post. MORE please.

  3. Love those shoes... and your assistant is adorable! :)

  4. Yay for outfit posts! I'm loving wedges more than ever right now, and yours are awesome. Great find!


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