Remember how on Saturday I promised you that I'd do the next WEDnesday over the shoes and dress?
Well, that was before my camera broke. My Nikon SLR is in the shop and I just didn't feel right using my iPhone to take pics of my dress! It's just not the same. 

Instead, I thought I'd share some of the ways typography is making an appearance in our wedding. 

Our invites came from Wedding Paper Divas and set a great tone for the whole event. 

This "LOVE" will be used in our engagement photos.  Those are coming soon! I got the letters from ebay, but they were originally from Anthropologie. 

Scrabble letters! Bear and I play a lot of "Word with Friends". 

I also picked up some other quilted letters from Anthropologie. I'm thinking they'll be on our head table and later we can hang them in our master bedroom. 

This cute glittery banner came from etsy

The last way is with vintage books! I love to read and it's one way we're incorporating our interests. We'll be using the books as part of our centerpieces, along with some other things that I'll show you soon! (Isn't that "Tomorrow You Marry" one great?)

What should I show next?


  1. color/style/inspiration board? i'd be interested to see colors, but i love the book/word theme!

    also, accessories? quirks?

  2. Love all the details, especially your invites! I LOVE Wedding Paper Divas! I think we're going to give making our own invites a shot, but I've been browsing their site a whole lot.

    P.S. Thanks for your comment! Yay for engagement photos.

  3. I LOVE the invites! They're kind of vintage-y handmade-y :) The details are so great! Can't wait to see the dress.

  4. I love all the little details you're incorporating.. and the scrabble letters are tooooo cute!

  5. I love the books idea! The way you are making this wedding YOURS is just lovely.


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