Bear and I are getting married May 21. I am, understandably, excited about this. 

One of the features I'd like to do here, in order to curtail all the wedding gushing I could do is to have a weekly feature highlighting aspects of our wedding. My original thought was to call it WEDnesday, but with only a few weeks to go, I thought, why not do one today?

Bear proposed October 23 in Chicago. We first realized our mutual "crushes" on each other on during a road trip to Chicago the year before. He thought it would be fun to end our dating life and take the next step in Chicago as well. So we took a surprise (to me) road trip. 

My ring was so beautiful I cried. It's a Neil Lane with 75 diamonds in it. He sure knows I like sparkle! The ring box came from a vintage store just around the corner from his apartment. 

 And here's the only other jewelry I'll be wearing on our wedding day. They're vintage and clip on, which was important to me. (My ears were pierced really low by someone who didn't know what they were doing at Claire's.)

I bought them this weekend in Austin from Lisa of Archives. She was also visiting the Texas Style Council Conference. I love that I got to buy my earrings from her! She lives in Chicago, but check out her etsy store!

I love that both pieces have a vintage vibe. They tie in really well with my dress and shoes, which I may give you a peek of next WEDnesday!


  1. I am IN LOVE with your ring, and the box! And the earrings! We should do a TxSCC alumni wedding day where we all share stories from our engagements and weddings = fun!

  2. I am so excited for your bridals! We are going to get some good pictures for Lisa of those earrings!!

  3. ah, this makes me so happy! also - how crazy is the chicago connection?! how perfect!!! im so excited to see them on you for the big day!!!! :D

  4. Such a pretty ring!!!! And those earring are also very very pretty!!! I am so sure they will look awesome on you :)

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  5. 1. I love the name Bear! :)
    2. That is a bummer about your ear-piercing experience! :(
    3. I love that you were able to buy vintage earrings from your wedding, and that they're from Lisa! Awesome.

  6. That ring is a stunna! And the earrings are the perfect compliment! yay, you're getting married!!


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