Happy New Year! Hoping for a year of more joys than sorrows for each of you.

We spent the evening with some old friends, first at dinner, than a house party.  Since it was so dark out by the time we went out, I tried some indoor shots. 

top: Gap, last year
bracelets: they were my grandma's
skirt: Forever 21, two years ago
twisted tights: Target
shoes: Nine West
shoe clips: vintage clip-on earrings

I wound up fixing my tights in the car on the way to the party. Showed them who's boss.

I've only made a few resolutions:
  1. Travel more this year. We have trips planned for Austin, Memphis and Dallas, with the hope of some international travel this summer.
  2. Less TV, more reading. (I've started "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" this weekend...any recommendations for my reading list?)
  3. Blog more consistently, and with passion.

I may have another 1 or 2 up my sleeve, so stick with me to find out what they are!

Edit: Here's a photo of our great NYE party friends

My husband has been friends with the guy on the left since 8th grade, and the one on the right since 6th grade! They have an amazing friendship that's uplifting and encouraging. It's just really fun to see them interacting, as they all become so energized just by being around each other!